Sunday, April 10, 2016

Say What You Will

Say what will
when we park on the hill
and forget to turn our wheels
toward the curb,

Our clothes are damp
as we stare at the stars
in a drizzle from clouds
passing over the moon,
downtown is a vision,
of a city of jewels,
white, green and red lights
embedded in leviathans
poking the black sky
like they were hungry fingers
seeing how taut the skin is
before curling into fists
to be shaken at a God
who says nothing
but Words neither of us have heard,

I miss you tonight
and cannot or
will not think of you
not here arguing for
a better seat
an elbow to my ribs,
My heart remains
where you placed it
after you took it
along with my breath,
you made my blood rush to my head
from the mountain top
where we’ve watched
the sun set and the moon rise
for half a decade of
coming and going,
kiss and groping
between jabs to the ribs,

I think of you
driving all night
with your keys
still on the hook,
your car
still parked
with a week of groceries
in the back seat,

Yes, I said
let us worship
at the altar of our talent,
let’s be humble
and create reasons to be
something other than
the anonymous
expiration dates
that lurk and loom
and wait for us
to make promises
we didn’t mean,

Your silhouette
is unseen and
next to me always,
the way you slept
changed the way
I toss and turn,
I say your name
without opening my mouth,
the moon breaks through dark clouds
and it begins to rain,
the water beads and glistens
on the lens of my glasses,
the world is little else
but a ghostly white radiance
when the light is allowed,

My fists unfold,
you touch my head
and ask for some gossip
as I wait for you to kiss me
but then there is only
the dark air surrounding
Where you would have stood.